Tuesday, February 2, 2010


Having a child is one of the most amazing things that can happen to any two people. But, the impact it has on lifestyle, habits, routine, responsibility and finances is huge. Does this suddenly make having children a bad thing? No never! Yet it does require planning and a decent affordability study! What makes life such a brilliant venture to be a part of, is our constant hunger for improvement. What makes us different from our feathered and four legged friends is that we need improvement, constantly! We cannot just be satisfied and sit. Well, maybe some of us can, but I can't.

Recently I have sat down and made a list of the 5 most important spheres in my life where I can possibly improve. Relationships, work, health, assets and the world. Taking each of these, I sat and really honestly (not to be revealed on this blog!) analysed myself in each of these. How can I improve my weak points and through this make each of these five points life changing. I am working at it now and I really hope that in the next few months that I will reap the fruit from these wonderfully green growing trees.

Just a thought, take it, leave it.

Two weeks ago I also analysed my running style and thought that it too can improve drastically! Please don't laugh at me, but I am so convinced that I am onto something that I will continue with it for another month or so! My knees feel great. My foot injury just disappeared. And my times are tumbling! I did not read anything, I did not get a tip from anyone, I just looked at it logically and made a few changes. My calves are taking a hammering and are a bit stiff - thats it.

As soon as I think that I have mastered it I will inform you where to go and buy my book! Hehe, just a joke. I will share soon.

Have a brilliant life filled with the wonderfulness of change and improvement. Life's gggggod!

Be strong.


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