Wednesday, September 15, 2010


Some might say tough, I would say time for change.  Our business has closed down due to the bad economy and these last few months were really tough.  Fighting as we may, we just couldn't keep our heads above water.  Our house is sold and now we are entering a future which is unknown to us!  I have never been afraid of change and are eagerly moving forward with great expectation.  Through all this I was not able to keep training and almost everything stood still for a while.

In the mean time I have started a new organization and it is called Operation Blanket.  Our main objective will be to give a hand to people around the world who have lost everything due to unforeseen circumstances.  We are non-profit and our official website will be up and running before the end of the month.  The temporary spot is or on Twitter as operationblanky.   We have already helped an old age home which was destroyed by a fire.  Around 90 old people lost everything they have owned and 18 died that sad night.  We will keep in touch with them to supply food, etc as we can.  We will also start fund-raising for the very bad floods in Pakistan.  15 million people are affected and we will help with food, etc as much as we can.

With the family it is going great.  Tianari has taken up dancing and within 3 weeks were by total surprise allowed to enter for her dancing exams.  We never thought she would be able to do it and her teacher couldn't believe it too.  She did very well and will now lead her age group in their year end show in the civic center.  Very proud and I have to say that she works extremely hard!  Every day our home is filled with singing and the bouncing around as she practices her new moves.

Weasel is getting so strong and sometimes I have to do a reality check to remind me that he is still only 12!  He rides me out of his slip on the mountain bike and runs a sub 40min 10k as if it is a morning jog.  This weekend will be his first race in a long time and he is so looking forward to it.  Now we just hope for a safe and incident free ride.

I have been going seriously for my 6th week now and have kicked the alcohol habit in order to reset a few healthy lifestyle habits in the process!  After 7 weeks of not drinking I have gone from 87kg to 79,8kg and have not missed one training session.  My sleeping and eating patterns have both returned to normal again and without the booze I find that I recover faster and also that my form improves much faster.  I am healthy, feeling good and have much less ugly fat flab plastering the sides of my body!  I am looking forward to entering an Ironman event again, but it will only be in late 2011 because that is how long I will take to be fit enough to achieve my goal.

Thanks for reading and remember to be strong and live hard!!



Brybrarobry said...

Sorry to hear about the business. It looks like you haven't missed a beat. I like the "once one door closes another opens" philosophy. Great training too. Keep up the good work, training and mankind wise.


TriJackal said...

Thx B,
Life is kick ass cool no matter what! Appreciate your comment!

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